Snow Day!

*Dances and throws confetti everywhere* IT SNOWED! *gasps* LAST NIGHT!! *Giggles* I woke up to a winter wonderland! *Sighs in rapture* I CAN'T believe it! ¬†And yet, strangely, I can ūüėā My boots and coat! ¬†Sadly, that coat is no longer in commission. ¬†On one of my many sledding adventures this morning, it ripped right … Continue reading Snow Day!

Welcome, 2018!

Guys, I'll only be able to say that once! ¬†So, let's just sit and marvel at that. Okay, that was enough marveling. ¬†You are all sitting on the edge of your seats because I am releasing the first part of.....LLIL!! ¬†But that isn't the most exciting thing I'll be doing. ¬†However, here's a sneak peek. … Continue reading Welcome, 2018!

Almost 2018???

Hey guys, welcome back to just me being random. ¬†Actually, it's not just me being random. ¬†It's me being¬†amazing. ¬†Anyway, that's enough of that stuff. ¬†I'm terrible at introductions, aren't I? So, I'm showing you one thing I (sorta) enjoy with my family. Yep! ¬†Mexican domino train game. ¬†We all enjoy playing this easy, fun, … Continue reading Almost 2018???