Snow Day!

*Dances and throws confetti everywhere* IT SNOWED! *gasps* LAST NIGHT!! *Giggles* I woke up to a winter wonderland! *Sighs in rapture* I CAN'T believe it! ¬†And yet, strangely, I can ūüėā My boots and coat! ¬†Sadly, that coat is no longer in commission. ¬†On one of my many sledding adventures this morning, it ripped right [...]

The updated LLIL list!

Hello folks!  It's snowing today outside and on my blog!  Check out the little wittle snowflakes!  Aren't day cute?  Okay, back to serious mood.  Here is the list without further delay. Amie Berea Olivia Bell a.k.a Livy Mandalynn Sam Bowling Yashvi Annalee Amanda G. D. Kenna Kingofthecowboys Lydia Laura Rachel Amie (again xD) Yep!  I'm [...]