Snow Day!

*Dances and throws confetti everywhere* IT SNOWED! *gasps* LAST NIGHT!! *Giggles* I woke up to a winter wonderland! *Sighs in rapture* I CAN'T believe it! ¬†And yet, strangely, I can ūüėā My boots and coat! ¬†Sadly, that coat is no longer in commission. ¬†On one of my many sledding adventures this morning, it ripped right … Continue reading Snow Day!

The updated LLIL list!

Hello folks! ¬†It's snowing today outside and on my blog! ¬†Check out the little wittle snowflakes! ¬†Aren't day cute? ¬†Okay, back to serious mood. ¬†Here is the list without further delay. Amie Berea Olivia Bell a.k.a Livy Mandalynn Sam Bowling Yashvi Annalee Amanda G. D. Kenna Kingofthecowboys Lydia Laura Rachel Amie (again xD) Yep! ¬†I'm … Continue reading The updated LLIL list!