News Break

Today I'm here with myself, who happens to be Amie. ¬†We decided to have this news break in order to surprise all our faithful followers with something they won't be surprised about. ¬†Are you ready? I'm writing another book! Oh yeah! ¬†It's currently under construction. ¬†Are you ready to learn about it? ¬†Of course you … Continue reading News Break

Last Warning!

Guys, this is the last time I will remind you that¬†Lovely Links in¬†Literature¬†is almost closed! GUYS! ¬†Soon, you can't join this awesome story! If you're on the list, go tell your friends, your siblings, your frenemies, and those you don't care for. ¬†If you aren't on this list, join! If you're an adult... Join. ¬†It … Continue reading Last Warning!

Twenty- five Subscribers…Actually, Twenty-six!

Guys, I'm so happy! ¬†I could dance and dance and dance...and then fall to the floor exhausted. ¬†I have over twenty-five subscribers! ¬†Whoo-hoo! ¬†Wait, before I make the most amazing announcement yet, I'm going to... Thank y'all! You guys made this possible! ¬†Therefore, I am going to thank you. ¬†I know some of you told … Continue reading Twenty- five Subscribers…Actually, Twenty-six!

Beyond the Glass

Beyond the Glass I felt the answer filling my bosom as I stared at the white robed figure.¬† Her raven black hair flowed down to her waist and her white blue eyes flashed in silent laughter at my helpless state.¬† I could see her pulse, which beat like a stiletto.¬† She stood posed for anything. … Continue reading Beyond the Glass