Truly Beautiful

What is beauty?  Why do we as Americans prize it so highly?  And what does our kind Heavenly Father say about it? Beauty is redefined every ten years by our culture.  At the moment, it's a casual beauty.  If you're thin, big eyed, and well featured, you might just be the ideal.  But of course, no … Continue reading Truly Beautiful


Hey, are y'all like me and just love American Girl?  Check out this giveaway for you 18" doll! ~~Amie~~ P.S. Yes, I am only doing this for myself. Don’t you just love how I put up a poll for a giveaway in January but don’t actually post the giveaway until a month later because I worked … Continue reading Guys!

Blog or Vlog?

What's up, guys?  Right now I just stopped baby-sitting my siblings, and my family's cat is meowing at my feet.  Oh, she's stopped.  That's good. Today I am going to share my normal Monday with you.  Actually, it wasn't normal, but that's beside the point.  Let's begin! At five something in the morning my mom … Continue reading Blog or Vlog?


Hey!  Welcome to Crazy A's second Q&A!  Thank you to everyone that asked questions.  I hope you enjoy the answers!  (HorseLover4Ever) Elizabeth asks... When you were little, what did you want to be? Well, I guess I'll start with when I was younger and move up.  When I was five I wanted to be a … Continue reading Q&A