10 Things That (might) Mean You’re a Writer.

Write...Write...What to write?  Coffee...Coffee...I need coffee.  Hmm, this keyboard is annoying.  What should I make Cassy say?  Benji needs to do something.  WHY DO I KEEP FORGETTING CAM? Hello!  Today I'm going to be sharing ten things that make a writer a writer...Or how you'd know you're one.  It's pretty simple, but writing itself (sadly) … Continue reading 10 Things That (might) Mean You’re a Writer.

A Misson with Friends

Agents Jaclynn, Mandalynn, Miranda, and Amie sat in the meeting room, staring at each other with concentrated eyes. "Thankfully, we have guns," Amie broke the silence, pulling out her gun from her belt. "But unthankfully," Mandalynn reminded slowly, "They don't work." "Oh, yeah," Amie threw the gun across the room. "Thankfully," Jaclynn smiled, reaching towards … Continue reading A Misson with Friends

Pro What?

I'm not pro-choice, I'm pro-minding-my-own-business When I read that, I was close to crying.  In Bible language, my heart failed within me.  Apparently some Americans aren't pro-anything; they are pro-minding-my-own-business. What do I find wrong with that?  Not everyone can stand on street corners enforcing their beliefs!  I'm a hypocrite to think that, to believe … Continue reading Pro What?