First blog post!!!!!

Hello everyone!  This is a very special post since this is my……FIRST!! Yeah!  So.. you already know about me, if you looked at my about page.  Therefore, I’m not going into the nitty-gritty’s.

Today’s post is about the animals I love <3!  First we have the pets I do not love!

This is Snowflake, the overly large and fat mean cat.  She lives under the bed and doesn’t like to come out.  All right, next animal…. isfullsizeoutput_4e3e

Angel!  Our protective white cat that is nice one day and mean the next.  Today, my little sister put chemicals on her so she needed a bath (She’s all right, don’t worry).  She is my other little sister’s darling.  Next comes the….IMG_8473.JPG

The fish!  We have three fish tanks, though only two are in use.  These little things are my brother’s pets and his delight.  He likes healthy fish (but I don’t like there stink…).  The next pet is not technically mine but…well, I like him a lot.  Welcome the little pet….IMG_8609.JPG

Rascel!  The darling little toy poodle!  He is all cuteness and cuddles (unless you vacuum near him but that’s understandable) and I’m privileged to see this pup once a week.  This is under the category animals that I do love (Sweet puppy!)

Now, I could add the cow that bears my name or some of the other cows I photograph but they’re a little picky when it comes to publicity.  So that’s all folks!  Leave a comment if you dare.  I promise I won’t bite.  Haha!  But please make sure the comment honors both God and man.  Thank you!

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